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Laser: Light that Burns

You've probably remembered playing cool lasers during your childhood. These lasers produce a powerful beam of light, unlike the normal light emitted from a torch or a lightbulb. But how does it do that? What is the difference between lasers and light? Join Kai Xiang on a journey to learn...

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Mantis Shrimp-Inspired Camera

The unsuspecting Mantis Shrimp. Tiny, but full of secrets. What could it be hiding from us? Kellie looks into the hidden world of this little critter, and sees what we have been missing out!

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How Do Neurons Connect With Each Other?

An adult brain is a powerful machine made up of 100 billion interconnected neurons! Have you ever wondered how these connections form in your nervous system? Xuek Qee untangles this web of linkages and finds out what makes us tick!

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Magic Bullet? No more.

When penicillin was first discovered, people thought that humanity had overcame bacteria infection and death caused by these germs are a thing of the past. However, due to the overuse of antibiotics, “Superbugs” which are bacteria resistant to multiple antibiotics classes started to emerge. The efficiency of antibiotics started to...

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