Special Programme in Science (SPS)

Working on Interdisciplinary Science since 1996...

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What is SPS all about?

SPS is Fun & Rewarding…

SPS was created in 1996, housed under the Faculty of Science, to fast-track enthusiastic students into science research. Since then, SPS has evolved into a melting pot for the sciences where students from different disciplines form a tight-knit community. One of the unique features of SPS is the student mentorship programme, where senior students take on the responsibilities of running SPS.
If you are curious, enjoy learning new things and love science, then the SPS journey will not only be exciting and fun and but also rewarding.

Have the opportunity to explore other fields of Science outside your primary major.

Skilled and knowledgeable student mentors to guide you on your journey!

Fast Track to Research
Have the opportunity to conduct a research project earlier than other undergraduates.

Form a team to take part in national and international competitions!

SPS Workflow

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