What do the Graduates of SPS say about us?

"SPS is a nurturing environment for research a constant source of support and inspiration a community that I can rely on "

Anuj Patel | SPS Batch 2017
PhD Candidate, Institute of Science and Technology Austria

The Special Programme in Science has been an integral part of my undergraduate journey here at NUS. It provided me with a nurturing environment to pursue my interest in research and develop the necessary skills that I continue to use today! I have come to greatly appreciate the interdisciplinary approach to science that SPS champions, which has allowed me to greatly expand my knowledge as a budding neuroscientist. Lastly, the SPS community has been crucial to my successes as not only an SPS student but as an undergraduate! My batch mates, seniors, juniors, and even the SPS Staff Mentors have been a constant source of support and inspiration. As I am confident that SPS has instilled in me the values to succeed as a scientist (and in life!) and provided me with a community that I can happily rely on in times of need!

"SPS was a natural choice has an extensive alumni network "

Jessie Wong | SPS Batch 2016
PhD Student in Integrated Biology & Medicine at Duke-NUS Medical School

SPS was a natural choice as I wanted to try out research and my undergraduate experience would not have been the same without SPS. This programme trained me in scientific thinking, writing and presenting which is absolutely crucial for being a competent scientist. Beyond the academics, I have also made lifelong friends that help each other out willingly (of course, as we work hard, we play hard as well). You are never alone in this SPS journey, even after graduation, we have an extensive alumni network to leverage upon.

"SPS encouraged me to explore outside my comfort zone is a community of like-minded people who love science "

Simin Lang | SPS Batch 2016
PhD Student at NUS Graduate School for Integrated Sciences and Engineering

I joined SPS in AY16/17 with a keen interest in broadening my knowledge in the interdisciplinary sciences and pursuing a career in science research. Having graduated from NUS in 2020, I can proudly say that SPS has encouraged me to explore outside of my comfort zone by providing me with a safe environment to make mistakes and learn. Beyond the interesting courses that SPS has to offer, SPS is also about the community of like-minded people who are passionate about science. I have learnt so much from my peers, who are always willing to share their knowledge on the subject matter and encourage me along. Somewhere along the line, after going through thick and thin together, they have become a part of my life as my friends. SPS has been such a huge part of my university life and the lessons that I have learnt will continue to follow me as I embark on my graduate studies.

"SPS has proven useful in many aspects of my studies and life provided me countless opportunities brings together brilliant and passionate individuals "

Ravin Raj | SPS Batch 2016
PhD Student at Princeton University for Atomic and Molecular Physics

Ever since joining SPS as a freshman in 2016, I have always enjoyed tackling problems in science using an interdisciplinary approach. The skills imparted to me by the staff and student mentors at SPS have proven useful in many aspects of my studies and personal life, and I am always thankful for the countless opportunities they provided me with. Besides the academic rigour and richness of the programme, I also found many of my closest friends in my undergraduate years through SPS, thanks to the programme’s ability to bring together a group of brilliant and passionate individuals that I can always learn from. SPS will undoubtedly remain a large part of my life, and I will always cherish the years I have spent in the programme!