Throughout your journey in SPS, you will be guided by knowledgeable mentors. After completing all six courses, you can choose to join the mentorship scheme which allows you to be those skilled mentors for your juniors!

Who are the Mentors?

Mentors are SPS undergraduates and graduates that have successfully completed the 6 SPS courses and have been assessed to be suitable to mentor the current SPS students. The Mentors are from the various majors offered in the Faculty of Science / College of Humanities and Sciences and they have their respective research interests and specialisations!

The hierarchy of Mentors

  • Head Mentors are a group of Senior Mentors specially selected by the SPS Staff and previous Head Mentors to help coordinate admin affairs between Mentors, SPS Staff and current SPS students.
  • Graduate Mentors (promoted from Senior Mentors) consist of post-graduates of NUS and have decided to continue mentoring!
  • Senior Mentors (promoted from Junior Mentors) usually consist of Year 4 Undergraduate students who have more than a year of mentoring experience!
  • Junior Mentors usually consist of Year 3 Undergraduate students who have less than a year of mentoring experience!

The roles of a Mentor

Not only do Mentors aid in facilitating the understanding of the concepts learnt in SPS courses, they also assist SPS staff in setting up various Interactive Sessions (IS) and grade assignments. Aside from academics, mentors are involved in student affairs to ensure their wellbeing and help to ease the transition into university life. Ever need advice on what courses to take while studying in NUS? The Mentors have got you covered 🙂