History of SPS

Interview with NUS President, Prof Tan Eng Chye, one of the founding members of SPS.

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SPS Archive (SPSarc)

SPS has a long history since its founding in 1996 and has produced many successful individuals who go on to excel in the paths they have chosen even after their time in SPS. During our time in SPS, we have written numerous reports, presented on many topics that we are passionate about and participated in many fun events organized by the SPS committee and Head Mentors.

In this transitionary period to the College of Humanities and Sciences, SPS will also likely face many big changes to the curriculum and pedagogy. But what will never change is the spirit of our community, driven by our shared interest in scientific research.

As such, we are keeping a digital archive of everything that makes up SPS. Our students’ work, accomplishments, photos of past events that highlight the life in SPS and much more. This way, we make sure the pieces of the history of SPS will be preserved for future generations to see.

SPS courses before CHS