Meet our SPS members: Jensie Low

Date of event: 08-07-21 | Source: @sps_nus

Time for the next installment of Faces of SPS! This time, we have Jensie!

0) Tell us your name and what major you’re in!

Hallo! I’m Jensie and I’m a chemistry major about to go into year 2.

1) What is your favourite moment in SPS?

Anythime we’re goofing around in the SPS room or playing games 😉.

2) What is your greatest regret in joining SPS?

I have no regrets 😌. I’m beyond satisfied with my decision to join SPS. Being in SPS allowed me to find friends who are on similar wavelengths as me, have similar interests and who support your academic goals.

3) Which is your favourite science, and why?

Chemistry of course. I like that chemistry is a very versatile science. This also means that almost everything we have studied in SPS can be easily applied by chemistry majors!

4) How has taking SPS Changed your life?

I don’t think SPS has flipped my life upside down. For me, taking SPS has shown me more of my strengths and weaknesses and I now also have a better plan of what I want to achieve by the end of university.

5) What’s your favorite spot in the SPS room?

I don’t really have a favourite spot. I think it depends more of what you wanna do. The SPS room consists of different spaces, such as the library where people like to study because is nice and quiet and the seminar room which is great for group meetings.

6) What’s your research interest

I’ve always been quite interested in the area of medicinal chemistry and drug delivery systems. Drug delivery systems have the potential to advance drug therapy, such as providing targeted delivery or sustained delivery. For SP3172, our integrated science project, my group and I are working on theranostic nanoparticles.

7) How’s the lecturers in SPS

Great! The SPS lecturers are generally understanding and patient with us. You can always approach them with the numerous questions you may have, if not, the mentors are always available if you need them 🙂.

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