Meet our SPS members: Cornelius Lee

Date of event: 02-07-21 | Source: @sps_nus

Meet our SPS members! This is Cornelius, one of our second year students. We stopped him for a few questions recently — here’s what he had to say about SPS!

1) Tell us your name and what major you’re in

Hello everyone! My name is Cornelius, and I am a Life Science Major! Going to year 2 next semester.

2) Which is your favourite science and why?

Biology! I’m intrigue by the human body and how cells interact with one another etc… Hence biology! I’m not very good in math so physics is a nono (sorry Einstein).

3) How has taking SPS Changed your life

I won’t say that it’s a “life changing experience” but I will say that SPS creates a safe and collaborative environment for students to interact. This taught me that although knowledge is important, teamwork and collaboration with people of different speciality is crucial to making an impact in society and in the world.

4) What is your regret greatest regret in SPS?

Joining SPS is probably one of the best choices I’ve made so far in my university life. Due to Covid-19, every class had to be moved online and it is hard to make friends in Uni with this restriction. SPS provided a space to make real friends! So…NO REGRETS!

5) What is your research interest?

I am interested in infectious diseases especially Antimicrobial Resistant Bacteria (AMR) or “superbugs”. They are a huge threat to the public health system, and we must be ready and prepared for the post-antibiotics era. I’m currently working on phage therapy for MRSA (a type of superbug) for my integrated science project aka SP3172.

6) Where is your favourite spot in the SPS room?

The library! When it is time to go into the “zen” mood to study, the library is a quiet and amazing area to study. Additionally, there are windows so there’s some view as well (although it’s not fantastic but it is good enough).

7) Any words to say to prospective students?

Come join us if you love collaborative work! Some modules will be tough. But we have a community that supports and help one another. Don’t be shy, just apply!

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