2.2 Installing Python

There are several ways we can use Python. We can either install it (locally) on our computers or use an online environment.

2.2.1 Python Online with Colab

One of the fastest and easiest ways to use Python is using (a cool) online environment called by Google.

2.2.2 Python Locally

There are several ways5 to install the Python interpreter. One of the easiest is with the Anaconda distribution6.

Step 1. Visit the download page at Anaconda.
Step 2. Download and install the 64-bit (32-bit) Python 3 distribution suitable for your operating system.7

  1. E.g. Linux and Mac OS X comes with Python preinstalled.

  2. You usually need packages or modules to extend the capabilities of Python. The Anaconda distribution automatically installs some standard packages (such as numpy, matplotlib, scipy) necessary for scientific work. So, it is good for beginners.
    The Anaconda distribution also installs several IDE (Integrated Development Environment)s such as Spyder and Jupyter. These environments make programming much (much) more efficient, easier and fun.

  3. Windows users should run Anaconda as Administrator.