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July 2019
He Menglan | SPS | Department of Biological Sciences
  • NUSS medal for Outstanding Achievment
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Research Prize
Menglan has been an active member of since joining SPS in 2015. She was not only a mentor but also a member iGEM team that represented SPS in Boston in 2018. Menglan will be pursuing a PhD at DUKE-NUS. What Menglan has to say about SPS…

“In SPS, I am fortunate to have many dedicated mentors who taught me not only how to do research but also how to face failure and learn from failure. Moreover, I am always inspired by the passion of my peers who are willing to share about their disciplines of science.¬† Such sharing not only enriches my knowledge but also motivates me to explore more outside my field of research.”


July 2019
Lim Kang Rui Garrick | SPS | Department of Chemistry
  • Singapore National Institute in Chemistry (SNIC) Medal
  • GlaxoSmithKline Gold Medal
  • NUS Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize (Individual)
  • Pfizer Medal
Garrick is presently completing a one-year research attachment at IMRE, A*STAR. Afterwards, he will pursue a PhD in Chemistry at Harvard University from August 2020.
What Garrick has to say about SPS…

“SPS exposed me to inter-disciplinary research in a collaborative setting very early on at the start of my undergraduate career, nurturing my interests and sharpening my research skills for my later undergraduate years after completing the SPS programme. The student mentorship scheme after completing the SPS programme also presented an invaluable opportunity for me to hone my research mentorship and scientific communication abilities. I firmly believe that the student-centric and co-operative environment SPS was a key catalyst in developing my peers and I as competent undergraduate researchers and scientific communicators.”

SPS Mentor Publishes in High Impact Journal!

April 2019
Previous SPS Head Mentor Max Tan has published his summer internship research in Applied Physics Letters (APL). He conducted this interdisciplinary work under the supervision of A/P Chan Yinthai of the Department of Chemistry. The article describes the physics and chemical considerations of producing amplified emission via a solution of fluorescent nanoparticles (called quantum dots). APL published this work as a featured article. Please visit https://doi.org/10.1063/1.5094183 for more details.

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