1.1 Background

We present here an example lesson in The Universe(SP3176). This course was designed for second year undergraduate students in the Special Programme in Science. Class size is 30-40 and student pool contains a mixture of different majors, including Life Sciences, Chemistry, and Physics.

Weekly worksheets are given and students are to complete part of the week’s worksheet and submit to the lecturer at least a day before the lecture. The lecturer will mark the worksheets and return to the students just before the class begin.

In class, the lecturer begins by providing feedback and addressing issues related to the completed part of the worksheet. After which students will work in groups to complete the the rest of the worksheet. After class, students are given an assignment related to the lesson.

The figure below summarizes the workflow of a typical lesson.

Typical workflow of the lesson.

Figure 1.1: Typical workflow of the lesson.

In this workshop, we will walk you through a typical lesson. (A lesson is 1.5 hr, but due to time constraint, we will condense this workshop to 30 mins.)

A hardcopy of the worksheet for the lesson is given in this workshop.