Google Suite Acceptable Use Policy: Changes to Storage Limits

Greetings from the SPS System Administrators! 

As you may know, policy adjustments made by Google in February 2022 has limited the collective storage space of all SPS accounts from unlimited storage down to 100TB. Despite this change, we remain committed to providing all SPS students, mentors and alumni the tools and resources to enhance your productivity and collaboration. In order to accomodate those in SPS who need these tools the most, we have implemented certain restrictions to ensure a fair and optimal experience for all users:

  1. Storage for all SPS alumni will be capped at 100GB. This change will be implemented starting on December 31, 2023
  2. All active SPS members (undergraduates and graduates within or outside of NUS) will continue to enjoy unlimited storage without any changes.
  3. SPS accounts belonging to students who left SPS without completing the entire SPS journey (i.e., not completing SP3172) have been terminated.
If you are a graduate student, please update your details using this form, or we may inadvertently assign you as an alumnus.

Google Suite provides ample storage space for your documents, files, and other data. Please use this space responsibly and avoid excessive usage that could impact the performance and availability of the service for other users. By adhering to the Acceptable Use Policy, you contribute to maintaining a collaborative environment for the SPS community. If you have any concerns, criticisms or complaints regarding these changes, you are most welcome to contact Dr. Chammika.

Best wishes, 
SPS System Administrators