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Poster Presentation

Each group would have to make a scientific poster for presentation during SP3172 congress. The purpose of a scientific poster is to visually present a summary of your research that complements your interactions with other SPS students or examiner during a poster session. For AY21/22, the SP3712 will be an E-Poster Session on Zoom. Therefore, you should consider whether the traditional format of the usual scientific poster is good for an online platform. A guide to poster presentation for SP3172 module can also be access from here.

Typically, SP3172 student presenters will be send to the breakout rooms and then graders/audience will rotate among the breakout rooms. Typically, each group graders will be in a room for 6-7 min before rotation. Then at the end, we will have time to allow the graders and the SP3172 student presenter to go a specific breakout room for discussion ( 30-40 min).

A soft copy of your poster is required to be uploaded into LumiNUS folder by 2359hr, 7th Oct 2021.

This component takes up 15% of the overall grade for SP3172.