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Oral Viva

The Oral viva session will be arranged to be conducted during the period between written report submission (2nd to 12th November 2021). SP3172 students are to take the initiative to arrange for a suitable time-slot with all your assessors (staff and student mentors). The viva should be conducted via an E-platform such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Most importantly, it should be conducted after your assessors have had the chance to read your reports.

During the viva, you will be required to answer questions regarding various aspects of your project. You will be graded on the clarity of explanations and your understanding on your project. Each student will be assessed individually for the viva.

  1. Assessors: Each group will be assigned four assessors who have read your written report for the viva. These assessors panel for your viva includes the principal investigator of your host lab, an SPS staff, and two external SPS mentors (senior/graduate).
  2. Duration: The duration of the viva session varies for groups, typically lasting 1-2 hours.

This component takes up 10% of the overall grade for SP3172.