Welcome to SP3172
Oral Presentation

The final group oral presentation will be delivered on the SP3172 Congress, held on 13th Nov 2021, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, on ZOOM. Each group will be allocated a 25-minute time slot, comprising of 15 minutes of presentation, 7 minutes of Q&A and 3 minutes of buffer time to set up the slides and to pack up after the entire presentation. Grading will be done individually.

  • Uploading of Presentation: All presentation materials are to be uploaded into LumiNUS folder by 2359hr, 12th Nov 2021. Any submission beyond the deadline will be subjected to a grade penalty as illustrated below. This is to be fair to students who are presenting earlier and also to smoothen the transition from one group to another.
  • File Format: Students may use PowerPoint or any reasonable form of presentation software.
  • All students should arrive punctually and stay throughout the whole of SP3172 congress. Marks will be deducted from your overall SP3172 score in the case of non-compliance.

This component takes up 20% of the overall grade for SP3172.