General Instructions

submit to
  • Submit all assignments to the appropriate folder in LuminNUS.
  • You may submit multiple files; we will accept the last submission.
  • We will use the timestamp from LumiNUS as the time of submission.
  • All submitted work will be scrutinized for plagiarism using Turnitin. This is automatically done by LumiNUS.
  • We have set up the system so that you can view a similarity report immediately upon submission. You may then chose to resubmit.Note that after three submissions, the system will only generate a report 24 hours later.
assignments due dates
  • All SP2171 assignments are due by 8 pm of the date specified(usually a Sunday).
  • We seek you kind understanding that in order to be fair and to make administrative matters efficient we will strictly adhere to these deadlines. We will not entertain any individual requests for extensions.
  • You may submit an assignment late but subject to a penalty calculated using:$$penalty(\%) = (100/48) \times delay (h)$$
& format
  • Kindly submit all written assignments in only PDF format.
  • Kindly format the filename in the format ASSIGNMENT_MATRICULATOIN-NO.pdf. For example task01_A1234567B.pdf
  • We prefer the PDF format because it is a robust format that is easier to share.
  • We will share all written submissions with the whole class (using this website).
  • Three reasons for this are:
    • This will allow you to learn from each other.
    • This will help you to gauge where you stand.
    • It will lift the overall standard of the cohort to at least the best work submitted.
  • Kindly note that we will share only the original submissions. No grades, comments or feedback will be shared.