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Welcome to the SPSWiki!
Today is Monday, February 20, 2017

If you need to contact the system administrator, email sysadmin@sps.nus.edu.sg or visit their talk page.

What is SPS?
See Special Programme in Science
What is the vision of the SPSWiki?
  1. To create an online platform where information can be shared.
  2. To function as a collective archive of SPS knowledge.
SPS Community
Message from the Editor

Hi, fellow SPS students! After hours of hard work, finally we have our own SPSWiki constructed. The motivation behind is not only to systematically organize and archive information related to SPS, but also to function as an open online platform where everyone contributes his knowledge and ideas. It is entirely a volunteering based platform, waiting for those passionate to contribute.

What modules do we offer?

The current modules are listed below. For more information, see Modules

Independent Focus Curriculum

Integrated Science Curriculum

Getting Started in the SPSWiki
See SPSWiki Usage Guide
Usable Templates
Random Articles

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