SP3172 Student Page

Welcome to the SP3172 student page. SPS students currently undertaking their 72 projects may refer to this page for important details regarding the module. 

Module Coordinator for SP3172

  1. SP3172 Staff Coordinator
  2. SPS head mentors for AY20/21
    • Low Yi Xuan
    • Anuj Patel
    • Mani Hema Prashaad

Learning outcomes for SP3172

The module aim to develop students’ research skill by directly providing them with (1) first-hand experience in applying scientific methodology (from hypothesis, to experimental design, to experimentation, and data analysis) in real research environment, and (2) a platform to share, debate and defend their research findings in public setting (i.e. SPS Congress).

At the end of the module, the student should be able to:

  1. Design, develop and implement a series of experiments to investigate a scientific question or hypothesis.
  2. Able to critically analyse experimental data and present findings coherently.
  3. Communicate and discuss experimental data through written and oral communication in a form of a scientific article and/or scientific conference presentation.
  4. Develop critical thinking, troubleshooting and collaborative skills.

Structure for SP3172

  1. Group based research module, 2-3 students per group.
  2. 4MC module, equivalent to 10 hr workload per week. Do expect to spend at least 6-8 hrs (minimum) in the lab per week.
  3. No formal timetable lesson, but will have sessions that students and mentor needs to be present (see important dates for next semester).

Important dates for SP3172 (Semester 1 AY20/21) for students and mentors

  • Week -1 ()
    • Confirmation of student grouping, the PI that they will be working with and the SPS mentors for their group.
  • Week 1 ()
    •  Beginning of semester briefing for both SP3172 students and mentors.
  • Week 6 ()
    • Mid-semester poster presentation (practice). Debrief by their respective mentors
  • Week 12 (4)
    •  Submission of the final SP 3172 report.
  • Week 12-13 ()
    • Viva for SP3172
  • Week 13 ()
    •  SP3172 Congress.

NOTE: Any form of non-adherence to deadlines (eg. late submissions) will result in a penalty on your grades.

Formation of SP3172 Student Group

  1. Students enrolled in SP3172 are required to form groups of strictly 2 or 3 students per project. 
  2. As part of the module, students are asked to initiate contact with potential research labs to check if they will be interested to support the research project.
  3. Each SP3172 student group will be guided by 2 SPS student mentors. The usual combination of mentors is 1 Graduate, 1 Senior, and 1 Junior or 1 senior.

Past Year Projects Repository

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