SP3172 Integrated Science Project

This is the module page for SP3172 Integrated Science Project. Current students can access the module content here

Module Description

As part of SPS’s vision of nurturing budding scientists, SP3172 gives students a head-start in research opportunities and a chance to plan, execute and analyse their research projects. The module serves as a continuation from SP2171 Discovering Science where students translate insights from their literature review into research projects.

The main idea is for students (2-3 person in a group) to develop a scientific hypothesis, planned and execute experiments to investigate this, and then analyse the experimental data with regards to the original scientific hypothesis. You are guided in this process by working in a research laboratory based in Singapore and the learning is facilitated by lab mentors and senior SPS mentors. You should analyse, explain and report their findings in a scientific manner.

The module aims to develop students’ research skill by directly providing them with (1) first-hand experience in applying scientific methodology (from hypothesis, to experimental design, to experimentation, and data analysis) in real research environment, and (2) a platform to share, debate and defend their research findings in public setting (i.e. SPS Congress).

At the end of the module, the student should be able to:

  1. Design, develop and implement a series of experiments to investigate a scientific question or hypothesis.
  2. Able to critically analyse experimental data and present findings coherently.
  3. Communicate and discuss experimental data through written and oral communication in a form of a scientific article and/or scientific conference presentation.
  4. Develop critical thinking, troubleshooting and collaborative skills.