SP2173 Atoms to Molecules

Module Description

SP2173 Atoms to Molecules (A2M) kick-starts your journey in SPS! Through an introduction to quantum mechanics, this module enables students to address the question of how atoms come together to produce the vibrant diversity observed in the physical, chemical, and biological world. The module begins with a brief overview of classical mechanics in describing atomic properties as well as its limitations. Students are also taught how to describe systems from the statistical point of view using Boltzmann statistics. Following the limitations of classical mechanics, properties of atoms will be explored from the quantum point of view . The applications of quantum mechanics in chemical bonding are then explored. Finally, students will see how the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics is useful in atomic and molecular spectroscopy.

This module aims to equip students with the basics of error analysis when it comes to managing data sets. Additionally, students will be introduced to spectroscopy and characterisation techniques through the aid of hands-on experiments such as the examination of atomic spectra as well as surface characterisation using an instructional Scanning Tunnelling Microscope (STM).

To aid in the understanding of concepts taught in class, coding skills acquired from SP2171 will be applied. Python is used to simulate models to further understand the concepts taught in SP2173, allowing students to further expand their usage and understanding of coding in the other disciplinaries.

Atoms to Molecules caters to students with no prior knowledge in Physics or Chemistry. Lectures, tutorials and laboratory sessions are entirely interactive with many opportunities for students to question existing concepts or explore new ones. One can be sure that Dr Chammika (shoutout to our wonderful lecturer for A2M) and the mentors are more than happy to answer any questions or clarify any doubts .