SP2171 Discovering Science

Module Description

SP2171 Discovering ScienceĀ will be a key module that lays the foundation for your scientific discovery journey. The module is designed to develop/enhance the basic skills essential at the workplace. In terms of technical skills, SP2171 focuses on scientific writing, information literacy, performing literature reviews as well as programming (Python). In terms of soft skills, you will be taught how to give scientific presentations, conduct scientific discussions in teams, support your scientific ideas with credible evidence as well as engage in general science communication.

SP2171 is worth 4 MCs and extends over two semesters. This module is taught not only by SPS staff and mentors, but also by staff from the Centre for English Learning (CELC) and NUS Science Library.

The programming aspect of the module will span the entire academic year. Catered to students who do not have any programming background, you start off by learning the basic terminologies and Python syntax. Subsequently, you will be taught the use of computational thinking approach to problem solving as well as how to use Python to perform data analysis and data visualisation. Classes will be fully hands-on, with many opportunities to work on problems together with your peers under the guidance of the lecturer. You are highly encouraged to discuss these problems with your peers to formulate the solution. The programming skills you learnt are crucial for your subsequent SPS modules.

In the first half of SP2171 (Year 1 Semester 1), you will be taught by a lecturer from CELC and staff from NUS Science Library about conducting science communication, searching for and reading of research papers, writing research reports as well as preparing good scientific presentations. Eventually, you will be utilising these skills to come up with and present your individual research proposal.

In the second half of SP2171 (Year 1 Semester 2), you will explore the various proposed research topics/questions together with your peers and mentors. Here, you and your peers (in a group of up to 3 members) will be able to freely discover your research interest and build up on your research proposal in a highly supportive environment. You will also be guided by the lecturer from CELC on how to conduct literature reviews on your research proposal and how to defend your proposal well. Finally, your SP2171 journey culminates with a congress where everyone in your batch will present on the literature reviews conducted based on their topics of interest.