Special Programme in Science (SPS)

Chinese New Year Reunion 2018

SPS, first set up in 1996, has nurtured several generations of students, encouraging them to undertake multidisciplinary research, active peer-learning, and student mentorship. In the many years since, the programme has changed in its content but the spirit has remained the same: to create a community where students are introduced to some of the broad areas of contemporary scientific concerns and form bonds with one another in their scientific endeavours.

To that end, the Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner, a staple of the SPS event calendar, was held on 09 February 2018. The Reunion Dinner saw the staff and different batches of SPSians, both graduates and undergraduates share a meal together whilst ushering in the Chinese New Year.

SPS staff and graduates about to tuck into the hotpot

It was the time to trade stories between the graduates and the undergraduates as they reminisced about their old and new experiences in SPS respectively, noting the differences but more importantly, the unchanging similarities at the heart of SPS.

SPSians eagerly trading stories as they wait for the food to cook

Sumptuous food was on offer as hotpots boiled at the different tables. Other than the various meats and vegetables, the cheese tofu was a hit amongst all.

Teamwork is key!

The event ended with a roaring lohei as the attendees shouted wishes of prosperity and good luck to one another.

A fun mess is made as lohei galore begins