Special Programme in Science (SPS)

American Chemical Society Student Leadership Award 2018

Max Tan Jin Hui is a chemistry major, a mentor in SPS, and the current president of the NUS American Chemical Society's Student Chapter in Singapore. In recognition of Max's skills and contribution in spearheading the various ACS activities in Singapore, the American Chemical Society’s Committee on Education Undergraduate Student Programs Advisory Board has awarded him the 2018 Student Leadership Award. Max was one of 16 students to receive the award and was the only student from outside the US territories to receive the award.

The award ceremony took place on 19 - 21 January at the Dallas InterContinental Hotel. It is run in conjunction with the 2018 ACS Leadership Insititute which trains emerging leaders who have done commendable work in leading chemistry-based activities, particularly in the ACS. There Max had a chance to participate in leadership development courses and brainstorm sessions with the Younger Chemist Committee members and his fellow ACS student leaders.

When asked of his experience, Max replied, "With the continued support of the NUS ACS Exco and Prof Chin Wee Shong, our chapter has grown considerably and has been spotlighted by the ACS to be an up-and-coming chapter. There, I attended seminars targeted in developing leadership and was given to network with VIPs in the ACS. Ultimately, I come back refreshed and ready to experiment with some of the things I've learnt there and apply it in mentoring both in the NUS ACS Student Chapter and in mentoring in SPS.".

Figure 1. Max (back row, 4th from the left) is posing with other American Chemical Society 2018 Student Leadership Awardees.

Figure 2. Day 3 marks the end of the of leadership institute. Max is taking a wefie with fellow student leaders.

Figure 3. Max (right) is taking a selfie with Peter Dorhout, president for the American Chemical Society.