Special Programme in Science (SPS)

SPS Dean's Tea 2017: Celebrating the Accomplishments of SPS Students and Alumni

The annually held SPS Dean's Tea celebrates the achievements of SPS students through the year, the graduation of the final-year SPS students from the programme, and the accomplishments of SPS alumni. The 2017 edition of the Tea was held on Friday, 27 October, in SPS room. Prof Goh Say Song, Science Vice Dean of Outreach and Admission, started the ball rolling with an opening speech, recounting the success stories of SPS students in the 2016 International Natural Sciences Tournament, 2016 International Genetically Engineered Machine, and Outstanding Undergraduate Research Awards.

Taking over the stage from Prof. Goh is Clement Tan Kok Yong. Clement, who is also serving as one of the SPS headmentors in academic year 2016/2017, represented his SPS 2014 batchmates to deliver his valedictorian speech. In the speech, Clement recounted his early days in SPS, trying to survive the programme's rigor. It had indeed been a worthwhile experience, which he wished freshmen to experience for themselves.

Following the speech was the SPS 2014 graduation ceremony, in which 36 SPS students received their SPS certificate of completion from the Vice Dean. The certificate officially marks their completion of the SPS programme, having fulfilled the SPS requirement of successfully passing 6 SPS modules, namely SP2171 Discovering Science, SP2173 Atoms to Molecules, SP2174 The Cell, SP3172 Integrated Science Project, SP3175 The Earth, and SP3176 The Universe.

Photo 1: (From left to right) Choi Yan Ru, And Shi Hui, Nguyen Hoang Diem Phuong, and Nicole Ann Gunn Li Lin, from SPS 2014 batch, proudly graduated from the SPS programme.

Photo 2: Clement Tan, representing SPS 2014 batch, gave his rousing valedictorian speech.

The last segment of the evening featured Dr Lin Yangchen, an SPS alumnus from SPS 2001 batch. Truly a person of both breadth and depth, Yangchen is an accomplished photographer and musician. Among his portfolio is a photo exhibition celebrating London Underground's 150th anniversary and his organ and orchestral performances at the Esplanade Concert Hall. He also holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, with his thesis exploring complex ecological network dynamics. He maintains a personal website www.linyangchen.com. When asked if he ever missed SPS after he graduated in 2004, Yangchen replied that while he did miss his SPS contemporaries, he did not miss the programme because he "lives the programme" every day. By that, as he elaborated further, he always lives his life in "SPS spirit" of being curious, scientific-minded, open to new ideas, and always eager to learn new things.

Photo 3: A fireside chat with Dr Lin Yangcheng (second from left, in grey shirt), an SPS alumnus from the 2001 batch.