Special Programme in Science (SPS)

Mentors Appreciation Night (MAN) 2017

Mentors Appreciation Night (MAN) 2017 was held on 8 May, shortly after finals ended for the semester. The theme for this year was A Midsummer Night, and the event was held in the Student Lounge at Yusof Ishak House. This year’s MAN was graced by our Guests of Honour, the Dean of Science, Professor Shen Zuowei, as well as the Director of Alumni Relations, Associate Professor Chan Woon Khiong. We were also very fortunate to have several esteemed alumni at the event.

We kicked off the evening with the SPS Fund cheque presentation ceremony. The fund was initiated a year ago in conjunction with SPS 20th anniversary. As of today, we have raised slightly more than 25000 SGD, thanks to generous donations from SPS alumni and students. Particularly, we would like to put on record our gratitude to 3 SPS alumni, Goh Hock Leong (SPS 1996), Bernard Leong (SPS 1996), and Julian Low (SPS 2003), who spearheaded the fundraising.

Figure 1: Mr Goh Hock Leong and Dr Bernard Leong presented the cheque to Dean of Science, Prof Shen Zuowei.

The evening then continued with our talented peers performed moving renditions of four songs, while everyone joined in the singing. There was also entertainment in the form of stage games, which were well-received by everyone. Of course, the iconic handover ceremony for the Head Mentors also took place.

Figure 2: SPS band, comprising of SPS mentees, were performing the song "Flashlight".

Figure 3: SPS mentors enjoying the evening full of fun and laughter.

We are grateful for the performers who spent time and effort preparing for this event, as well as the committee members who put in hard work in organising MAN. We are also thankful for everyone who took the time to attend this event, including the Guests of Honour, our alumni, staff mentors, mentors, and everyone else who came down despite their busy schedules.

Figure 4: SPS lecturers, from left to right, A/P Liou Yih Cherng, Linda (The Earth lecturer), Robert (The Cell lecturer), Chammika (Atoms to Molecules lecturer), and Andreas.