Special Programme in Science (SPS)

The Inaugural Fusion360 workshop in Science

The inaugural Fusion360 workshop for science students, held on 20 February 2017, was jointly organized by Special Programme in Science and Master of Science in Science Communication programme.

Fusion360 is a computer-aided manufacturing and engineering design for product development. It is developed by Autodesk, the same company that develops world-famous software, such as AutoCAD, Maya, and 3Ds Max. A brief introduction about Fusion360 can be found in this YouTube clip. With Fusion360, designing and simulating an engineering product (a chain of processes that could take up to months in the past) can now conveniently be done on a laptop or desktop computer. Coupled with the 3D-printing technology, one can easily transform one's idea into a real-life prototype.

Autodesk makes Fusion360, as well as is other software products, freely available for students and educators. One just needs to register using one's school email address. This half-a-day workshop was thus organized for those who would like to know more Fusion360. It was conducted by Mr. Badari Hiriyur, Autodesk Asia's Education Program Manager, and attracted participants from as far as NUS School of Design and Environment. During the workshop, participants were given the first-hand experience in applying Fusion360's organic modelling capability to design a headphone as well as to run a stress simulation on the design in order to test its safety factor.

We would like to thank Mr. Hiriyur for the informative and engaging workshop.

Figure 1: Mr Badari Hiriyur explaining the different functionalities of the Fusion360 software

Figure 2: Designing an NUS-branded headphone and simulating its structural integrity under stress