Special Programme in Science (SPS)

2nd Global Leadership Programme (GLEAP) Visit to SPS

A delegation of 14 students from the Seoul National University's College of Natural Sciences (SNUCNS) came to visit Special Programme of Science (SPS) on the 1st of February 2017. The students were members of SNUCNS's Global Leadership Programme (GLEAP). GLEAP students have been regular visitors to NUS Science. They visited NUS' Faculty of Science for the first time in 2013, and was only hosted by SPS for the first time during their second visit in 2016. This year marks their third visit to our campus, and SPS once again had the privilledge to represent the Faculty to host their visit.

Figure 1: GLEAP and SPS students posing for the camera.

The day's programme started with an exchange of brief presentations by both parties, introducing both programmes to each other. This was followed by SPS students presenting their gold-winning iGEM project to the GLEAP students. Through the latter presentation, we introduced the nature of IGEM competition to GLEAP students and invited them to join the competition.

Figure 2: Yan Ru, Chi Yan and Shu Hui were explaining their IGEM project to the GLEAP students.

The next programme segment involved GLEAP students visiting the Centre for Quantum Technology to learn how photons are used to encrypt information transmitted over long distance among. The morning programme ended with a sumptuous buffet lunch, showcasing local delicacies to the Korean students. In the second half of the day, GLEAP students were treated to exciting demonstrations in the Science Demo Lab for an hour, before finally leaving to visit Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. "GLEAP members enjoyed the wonderful time [we had] in NUS", as Mr. Ji Wook, the trip leader, confided at the end of the day.

Figure 3: Dr. Poh Hou Shun, a research fellow of the Centre for Quantum Technology, was explaining how quantum cryptography is realized using this table-top setup.

Mr. Andreas Dewanto, Assistant Director of SPS, commented, "GLEAP has indicated their hope for making this regular visit a continuous exchange between overseas science student communities. I think we should definitely welcome that. The 2 programmes share similar visions and missions. Perhaps SPS could become a sister programme to GLEAP? Perhaps, one day SPS students could even visit GLEAP in return? In any case, we should always look for any opportunity for our students to collaborate with international students because that will eventually be expected from them in future, whether in the field of science or somewhere else."

We wish GLEAP students a fruitful tour in Singapore and safe trip back home.