Special Programme in Science (SPS)

SPSians at the 8th NUS Biochemistry Student Symposium

The 8th NUS Biochemistry Student Symposium was held this year on the 23rd of September, at the Centre for Life Sciences. Organized by A/P Thilo Hagen of the Department of Biochemistry, the theme for this year’s student symposium was “Sharing our experience”. A/P Thilo emphasized the notion of this symposium being a platform solely for the exchange of ideas by doing away with all awards, and remarked that if he had to give an award for Best Poster, “I couldn’t do it, because I would have to give it to everyone.”

SPS was represented at the symposium by an SP3172 group comprising Shaun Tan Yi Jie and Ang Zi Ning, who presented their mid-semester poster titled One-Pot Synthesis and Cellular Studies of Superparamagnetic Fe2SiO2 Nanoparticles. Their research topic revolves around the field of Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia, which is a technique that uses nanoparticles to induce thermolysis of cancer cells.

From left to right: Tan Yi Han, Ang Zi Ning, and Shaun Tan Yi Jie
Shaun Tan Yi Jie(left) and Ang Zi Ning(right)

Even though it was held during Recess Week, and barely a week after the SP3172 Mid-Semester Congress, both members felt it worthwhile to have participated in the symposium. Said Zi Ning, “Participating in this symposium allowed me to practice my presentation skills even more and observe other presenters as well. I also had a meaningful time studying other posters and learning what the current trending research topics are in Biochemistry.” And Shaun said, “Presenting at this symposium not only maximized the use of our mid-semester poster, but only exposed us to different people’s ways of thinking. Most of the audience were Biochemistry graduate students and post-docs, and their unique lines of questioning at our poster allowed us to see our results in a different light and to refine our research focus further.”

Overall, it seemed like both members gained valuable experience from participating in this symposium. Let’s hope to see more SPS presence in future years!