Special Programme in Science (SPS)

Inaugural Graduation Dinner for SPS 2012 batch

The inaugural SPS graduation dinner for class 2016 (i.e. SPS 2012 batch) was held on 15 July 2016 in Carousel at Royal Scott. It was attended by 22 students and 5 staff. It was joyous occasion with much laughter and good food, as testified by one of the graduates, Yuan Zhe and Danielle.

"The SPS Graduation Dinner 2016 was one last round of catching up for my batch before we officially move on to the new phase of our life. And what better way to end things off other than our favourite past time? Buffet! To top it off, high quality buffet in Royal Plaza on Scotts! Yummy =P

The last time we had such meal was our buffet lunch during the Newbies’ Orientation Camp, which in my eyes till today still standout as a truly welcoming and safe camp amidst all the controversies regarding orientation activities. We are as insecure about our future today as we were back then. But four years of oiling and mixing turned shy and barely interacting old teenagers to young adults of non-stop chatter and selfies. Amidst all the chatter and selfies is a reminder of how much more colourful our undergraduate life is by being part of the SPS family. And from the reminder comes the inspiration to contribute back to the community we have learned so much from.

Hopefully this won’t be the last occasion my batch comes together and when we do come together again, let’s bring something as beneficial to the SPS community as they have to us." - Lee Yuan Zhe -

"I had a great time eating and interacting with my peers during the SPS Graduation Dinner 2016. We were so excited about the food as SPSIANS LOVE FOOD. At the table, everyone was happily chatting away about their current and future plans to one other. It was a great get-together before everyone started getting busy with their next phase of life. This dinner was the first batch dinner I've participated and I am looking forward to more of such gatherings in the future already. Special thanks to our SPS staffs and Alumni relations for making this event possible and the graduation LiNUS!" - Danielle Tan Lee Lian -

The graduation dinner serves as a precursor to the SPS20 Dinner which will be held on 28 October. We are grateful to Faculty of Science Dean's Office who sponsor the dinner. All the best to everyone in SPS 2012.

SPS Class 2016 (batch 2012). From left to right, 1st row: Boss Liou, Xin Yi, Yan Ting, Yi Han, Yan Hui, Darren, Robert, and Yiluan; 2nd row: Li Hong, Kai Qing, Alex, Amelia, Michelle, Adrian, Sukainah, Danielle, Ze Qin, and Andreas. 3rd (last row): Joel, Boss Lee, Kenneth Lim, Zhe Wei, Randy, Kevin, Kenneth Ho, and Perry.

SPS headmentors 2015/2016 (from left to right: Sukainah, Danielle, and Yuan Zhe) with Boss Liou

Much laughter and good food in the inaugural SPS graduation dinner