Special Programme in Science (SPS)

SPSians Awarded Special Mention at the Amazing Science-X Challenge 2015

SPS is proud to announce that our team has secured an honorary mention at The Amazing Science-X Challenge (ASXC). The ASXC is held annually at the Singapore Science Centre, wherein participants are to design and build an interactive exhibit that explains a physical science phenomena.

From left: Megha, Kristy and Bryan Yong (Class of 2018), who won the Special Mention Award in Category D of the competition, together with Xiao Feng and Jonathan, also participants in ASXC 2015.

The ASXC encourages teams to dig deep and think outside the box in the designing of an exhibit that is an accurate representation of the chosen phenomena. The exhibits are then set up at the Science Centre Annexe hall for viewing and judging.

"On the day of the judging, we waited outside the hall before being called in to explain our exhibit to the judges. Judges have time to view the exhibit before calling upon the team to ask questions about the set up."

"We had time to visit and view the other teams' variety of setups and they had time to try out ours."

Competitions like these help show the younger generation the potential in science and simultaneously develop the critical thinking skills that are invaluable in the field.

"The biggest challenge we faced was to make complex scientific studies into a simple and interactive exhibit. There is a fine line between Simplicity and misrepresentation. Our team hoped to show the complexity of Pattern-induced flicker colours while maintaining an exhibit that is attractive to all ages.

Although the Amazing Science-X challenge demands a 'physical phenomena' the explanation for Pattern-induced flicker colours is an interaction between physics and biology, which suited us well as SPS students in the integrated science programme!"

The SPS ASXC team dem' Crabs secured an honorary mention in the 2015 ASXC for their exhibit "Spinning Discs of Colour: Benham's Disc".