Special Programme in Science (SPS)

Mentor Appreciation Night 2015

Four of our beloved SPS mentors at MAN 2015. From left: John, Amelia, Yiting and Ives.

SPS students recently hosted the annual Mentor Appreciation Night (MAN). The MAN is an annual event dedicated to recognising the time and energy that the SPS mentors had invested in teaching and guiding the juniors through both the interdisciplinary science and research modules It is also a great opportunity for SPS students to network with mentors from previous batches.

MAN 2015 was hosted at the Varsity Park Condominium (courtesy of Kristy who reserved the location).

The evening began with board games and light snacks while the BBQ was being readied by an enthusiastic team of SPS student-chefs, including Bryan, Han Wen, Xin Ee, Lim Pin and Xiu Quan.

Chef Bryan fanning the flames!

In addition to food, drinks and games, the mentors each received the newly-designed and handmade jar of cookies, baked with love at Joyce’s residence.

The SPS MAN 2015 door gift for seniors, with homemade cookies baked by Han Wen, Xin Ee and Joyce. The hand-painted jars were designed by Yarn Kit.

In keeping with SPS tradition, there were also awards given out to mentors who were deemed to best personify various characteristics, as determined through voting by the SPS community. This year saw the crowning of Mr Glutton, Mr Sexy, Mr Fastidious, Mr Rowdy, Ms Fashion, Ms Cute, Mr Sarcastic and the Queen of Cards.

MAN 2015 emcees Joyce and Alvin announcing the winners of the MAN 2015 awards.

Mr Glutton -- Yuan Zhe!

Ms Cute -- Siu Yi!

Mr Sarcastic -- Wei Jie!

Mr Rowdy -- John : "Loudness is not the equivalent of rowdiness."

Queen of Cards -- Amelia!

The evening came to an end with the announcement of the new Headmentors -- Yuan Zhe, Danielle and Sukainah, who promised do their utmost in guiding SPS in the next year.

From left: incoming Headmentors Sukainah, Yuan Zhe and Danielle, and outgoing Headmentors Siu Yi and Ernest.

The new Headmentors, pledging to do their best in the upcoming year.

More photos of MAN 2015 can be found here.