Special Programme in Science (SPS)

SPS Student Won Schering-Plough Gold Medal

Yiting (centre) was awarded the Schering-Plough Gold Medal for her outstanding UROPS research.

SPS is proud to announce that one of our students, Zhu Yiting, has been awarded the Schering-Plough Gold Medal, which is given to the best student in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme in Science (UROPS) in the Department of Chemistry. Her UROPS project was on the asymmetric catalysis of bromocyclisation of hydrazones.

Though Yiting did not do any chemistry work for her SP3172 project, she felt that SPS programme allowed her to understand what research is about, what to expect, and what to focus on in a research project. It has guided her on literature readings and helped her get on track for her UROPS quickly. Yiting is also grateful for all the scientific discussions with the SPS community. She also specially mentioned her friends, supervisors and mentors who helped her along the way and made UROPS more enjoyable.

We hope that the SPS programme will motivate more students like it did for Yiting and make research more enjoyable.