Special Programme in Science (SPS)

SPS Year 1s Won First at A*STAR ETPL Challenge

Gerald and Zhen Yuan (class of 2017) receiving their hard-earned 3D printer

While many of us were relaxing over the weekends, two SPS students, Gerald and Zhen Yuan (both class of 2017), were busy working on a challenge from A*Star, during the Hackathon 2014 organised by StartUp Asia Singapore. This is a competition spanning over the second and third week of May. The challenge was announced on the first weekend and the demo submission on the following Saturday.

Though the main event was headlined by the Hackathon, there were many challenges set up by different organisations. Our SPS students participated in a specific challenge set by A*Star ETPL - Through the use of technology, improve attendees’ experience of meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions held in Singapore and solve organisational problems with information dissemination to attendees (full details here).

Their solution was to come up with an app that allows visitors to log in through their Facebook or LinkedIn account. From there, the app would be able to judge the preferences of the visitor (through advertisements clicked and vistors’ posts) and flash advertisements of booths that caters to the visitors’ interests. Below is a series of pictures demonstrating how the app works.

(left) Visitors can log in through Facebook or LinkedIn (middle) This is a confirmation that they logged in (right) They can scan the QR code or the event they are attending so that the app registers the event

(left) The app registers the event and flashes relevant advertisements on the screen (right) When clicked, the app gives directions to the booth to allow the visitor to get there

They managed to win a Portabee 3D printer kit. Congratulations!

“I have no idea what I would make if I had a 3D printer at my disposal, but I just know I want to play with one...”

— The Gadgeteer