Special Programme in Science (SPS)

Mentor Appreciation Night 2014

Sunset on NUHS Tower Block

As SPS students gather to watch a beautiful sunset, it also marks the end of the journey for our student mentors1 as they begin their journey as graduates. Every year, SPS students gather to acknowledge the contribution of our mentors to SPS with a night of BBQ and games. It is also a day to gather and reconnect with SPS students from past batches. This year the event was held at a novel location, on the rooftop of NUH (courtesy of our graduate mentors, Ives, Boon Meng and Edison who booked the spot). It truly made for a great spot to watch the stunning sunset, moon-rise and star-spotting.

The evening started with a game of taboo between the mentors and mentees, with the names of SPS students as words-to-be-guessed. Interesting descriptions were blurted out and many quirks of individual members unearthed in the game. Who knew to identify Qi En as the pokemon lover, Shawn/Shaun, and Adrian (the year 2, the soon-to-be-ex Headmentor, and Professor Adrian Michael Lee)?

A traditional SPS game! Charade!

In the meantime, student committee president Benedict was constantly cooking, as well as a rotating crew of helpful SPS-ians manning the BBQ pit.

Our ever cooking Pres and the ever eating... *ahem*

In addition to BBQ and games, each mentor also received the newly designed SPS mug.

Graduate mentor Lester (right) receiving the SPS mug from Year 1 student Qi En (left)

The lovely mug designed by Year 2 Danielle

Prizes were also given out for various mentor awards - The Most Angsty Mentor (Oscar the Grouch) The Most Paternal/Maternal Mentor (Granny Bird) The Most Picky Mentor (The Count) The Overthinker (The Telly Monster) Eat-it-all Mentor (Cookie Monster) The Most Happy and Enthusiastic Mentor (Elmo) Most Clairvoyant Mentor (Abby the Fairy)

Junior mentor Amelia (right) receiving Most Maternal Mentor (Undergraduate) award from Year 1 Chi Yan (left)

Lastly, everyone gathered for the announcement of the new head mentors, who pledged to do their best in guiding SPS and fostering greater bonding amongst the seniors and juniors.

Full album of MAN can be found here.

  1. Quick run-down on mentor terminology: Graduate mentors, as the term suggests, have already received their degree but generously continue to donate their time to SPS. Student mentors are in their last year of study whilst junior mentors are in their first year of mentorship as 3rd year students.