Special Programme in Science (SPS)

SPS Life Science Journal Club

SPS Life Science Journal Club at its first sharing session

Through regular paper-sharing sessions, the SPS Life Science Journal Club aims to provide a platform where SPS students can come together to share about their research as well as interesting articles and papers that they have come across, thereby fostering greater exposure to the various different aspects of and fields in the life sciences. While, the journal club will be focusing on topics related to the life sciences, all interested SPS students, regardless of major, are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Historically, the SPS used to have seminar-based modules where faculty members were invited to talk about their scientific research. This has allowed SPS students to be exposed to scientific topics and ideas both within and beyond their own primary majors, fostering a multidisciplinary environment. Now, the journal club also hopes to bring back the opportunity for non-life science majors to be exposed to life science research and hence inspire new possibilities for multidisciplinary research.

The inaugural session was successfully held on 18th September (Thursday) evening in the SPS Seminar Room. During the session, two interesting research papers were presented - Chin Yee, one of the SPS Head Mentors, presented a paper on the non-epigenetic role of an archetypal epigenetic protein, SMYD3 links lysine methylation of MAP3K2 to Ras-driven cancer (Mazur et al., 2014), while Yi Han led a discussion on the paper In vivo SELEX for Identification of Brain-penetrating Aptamers (Cheng et al., 2013).