Special Programme in Science (SPS)

Ng Ren Hui, Amanda

Research Interests

  • Structural biology (conformational changes in protein structure under different environments)
  • Evolutionary Biology (predictive population genetics)
  • Biomimicry
  • Green Chemistry

Past Research

  • Science Research Programme: Studying the general releationship between a single nucleotide plymorphism and the survival outcome of non-small cell lung cancer patients
  • Youth Research Programme: Development of novel protein synthesis method through organometallic intermediates (incomplete/worked on synthesising organometallic and organis compounds for the reactions)
  • SP2171: Proposed synthesis of recombinant major ampullate spider silk
  • SP3172: Synthesis of hydrogels from spider silk-based protein

Current Research

  • University of Alberta Research Experience: Biomimicry of deer chronic wasting disease prion using recombinant fungal (Podospora anserina) prion