Special Programme in Science (SPS)

SPS Committee

SPS Committee 2019

SPS Committee 2019. From left to right: (Back row) Mornish, McCoy, Lingda, Rahul, Kian Long (Front row) Huai Ling, Megan, Hui Qing, Jing Xian, Charlotte, Yong Shan

The SPS Committee serves the community by organising bonding activities (Chinese New Year Reunion, Mentors Appreciation Night, SPS Induction Programme, etc), and maintains the smooth functioning of SPS. The committee is composed of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary/Treasurer and 4 main departments: Library, Logistics, Programmes and Publicity.

In summary, their duties are:

  • President / Vice-President: oversee the committee’s projects
  • Secretary / Treasurer: handles the finances and administrative duties
  • Library: maintain the order and smooth running of the SPS library
  • Logistics: maintain overall state of the SPS room and provide logistical support for events
  • Programmes: organise activities for SPS events
  • Publicity: produce publicity materials and oversee SPS t-shirt design

The SPS Committee 2019 comprises these students from the Class of 2022:

  • President - Kong Lingda
  • Vice-President - Lim Yong Shan
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Choo Jing Xian
  • Library – Ng Huai Ling and Rahul Arvind
  • Logistics – Megan Lee and Yeo Hui Qing
  • Programmes – Charlotte How and G Mornish
  • Publicity – McCoy Lim and Tan Kian Long