Special Programme in Science (SPS)

SPS Committee

SPS Committee 2017

SPS Committee 2017 (From left: Top row: Lim Zhen Jia, Lang Si Min, Deborah Fong Yuhui, Nicole Ong Wen Pei, Ravinraj S/O Ramaraj, Kim Mu Young; Bottom row: Lau Rachel, Jessie Wong Ling Ai, Oh Sher Li, Li Beiye, Tricia Wong Po Yee, Sabrina Chua Yah Tse

The SPS Committee serves the community by organising bonding activities (Newbies Orientation Camp; Mentors Appreciation Night), and maintains the smooth functioning of SPS. The committee is composed of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary/Treasurer and 4 main departments: Logistics, Programmes, Publicity and Library.

In summary, their duties are:

  • Logistics – maintain overall state of the SPS room
  • Programmes – organise activities
  • Publicity – produce publicity materials and T-shirts
  • Library – maintain the SPS library

The SPS Committee 2017 comprises these students from the Class of 2020:

  • President - Kim Mu Young
  • Vice-President - Jessie Wong Ling Ai
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Nicole Ong Wen Pei
  • Logistics – Lim Zhen Jia, Sabrina Chua Yah Tse
  • Programmes – Deborah Fong Yuhui, Tricia Wong Po Yee
  • Publicity – Lang Si Min, Lau Rachel, Oh Sher Li
  • Library – Ravinraj S/O Ramaraj, Li Beiye