Special Programme in Science (SPS)

How to Apply

SPS admits about 40 students every year. Each year, the application window is from mid-July to end-July, close to the start of the academic year. During this period, first-year Faculty of Science students may apply for admission to SPS. However, due to timetable compatibility issues, we regret that Pharmacy majors are not eligible for SPS.

SPS is an intense programme intended for undergraduates who take delight in the rigorous training of the mind, cherish outstanding scholarship, and have a fierce passion and strong aptitude for science. To assess these qualities accurately, the application involves an essay, a transcript and an interview with the student mentors. Students are admitted based on their academic potential and dedication to pursue scientific research, together with curiosity and interest in multidisciplinary research.

If you are interested in joining our SPS family, do keep yourself updated with the latest news at our Facebook page. Alternatively, feel free to drop by to check us out at any time.

Applications for AY2019-2020 will open in July 2019!

Thank you for your interest in SPS!