Special Programme in Science (SPS)


SPS winning Gold at Amazing Science-X Challenge 2012 (From left, Alisa, Amelia, Ernest from Class of 2015)

SPS awarded Gold at Amazing Science-X Challenge 2012. From left in yellow: Alisa (Class of 2014), Amelia and Ernest (Class of 2015)

Wondering why you should join SPS? Here are some words from our current students about the programme!

The research opportunities and guidance provided by the SPS are very useful for improving our scientific skills. More importantly though, I enjoy the closeness between our members; with friends and seniors from all fields of science. While the workload may be somewhat heavy, I was expecting that when I entered, and so a little time management (along with help from friends and seniors!) sufficed to deal with it. Besides, I believe that it will be well worth the effort!
— Ernest Tan Ying Zhe, Class of 2015

I love the close-knit SPS community. There are always seniors and peers to approach in SPS room for both academic and non-academic purposes.

— Warren Tan, Class of 2015

I like the fact that there are plenty of opportunities to do relatively advanced laboratory work, both within lessons and as part of our own research projects.

— Li Xuezhi, Class of 2015

I enjoy the friendliness and bonding within the SPS community, which are similar to that between family members.

— Tan Dhi-Zen, Class of 2015

No doubt the site’s longest testimonial, clocking in at 7000 words, “SPS-gent” is an original work of (fan)fiction written by Chua Xin Rong, Class of 2014. It draws its inspiration from the daily life of a first year SPS student as well as the Divergent fantasy series.