Special Programme in Science (SPS)


SPS'13 members in formal attire for SP3172 Congress Presentation

SPS Class of 2016 during SP3172 Congress

The Special Programme in Science (SPS) is an academic programme encompassing multidisciplinary research, active peer-learning, and student mentorship. With its aim to nurture aspiring scientists, SPS-ians are introduced to some of the broad areas of contemporary scientific concerns through an interdisciplinary approach, a key hallmark of the programme. Opportunities also abound for students to participate in scientific investigations and to embark on in-depth studies of advanced topics that are at the forefront of modern scientific endeavours.

About 40 first-year Faculty of Science students are admitted every year. They will undergo the Integrated Science Curriculum, which currently consists of 4 thematic-based modules, namely Atoms to Molecules, The Cell, The Earth, and The Universe, together with 2 research-based modules, Discovering Science and Investigating Science Project (see Prospective Students). A cornerstone of the curriculum is the utilization of sophisticated computational and visualization tools, such as Mathematica™ software, that enables students with different backgrounds across the Faculty to understand and appreciate science. Furthermore, class sizes range from 5 to 40 in tutorials and lectures in order to facilitate maximum interaction between professors, mentors and students.

SPS also enjoys significant privileges from the Faculty of Science Dean’s Office in terms of facility, technical, and administrative support. For instance, SPS-ians get to enjoy the SPS room/lounge, our own wet lab, and the SPS library, amongst other facilities (see Abode).

On top of all this, the best part about SPS is arguably the learning experience outside of lessons. In the SPS room, interactions with seniors, mentors, alumni, and renowned visiting scientists are common. Besides small class sizes, student mentors are also involved throughout the course of the programme. Of course, regular academic as well as ad-hoc non-academic programmes are continually arranged, from the SPS Idea Club, BBQ, night cycling, etc … SPS is more than just a classroom. We are a close community and we look forward to welcoming you to our family.

Brief History

SPS was established in 1996 as an initiative of the Faculty of Science to nurture aspirant scientists toward the growing demands of Singapore’s knowledge-based economy. In 2010, SPS underwent a major curriculum boost through the implementation of Integrated Science Curriculum, and henceforth the aforementioned 4 thematic-based modules.

SPS Alumni boast credentials of being postgraduates or full-time academicians in reputable institutions across the world, such as MIT, Max-Planck Institute, NUS, Oxford, Cambridge, McGill, Carnegie-Mellon, NTU, Stanford, etc …

For further information, please visit the SPS wiki.