Special Programme in Science (SPS)

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The Special Programme in Science is located in room S16-03-02 in the Faculty of Science of the National University of Singapore. To get here, you can take an internal shuttle bus to building S16, and take a lift up to the third storey. You should see the SPS logo on a pair of double doors on your right as you enter the floor space of the building. Drop by any time – there will almost always be somebody around, night or day. The doors are kept locked, but you can knock on the doors to be let in.

Our mailing address is:

Special Programme in Science
National University of Singapore
Block S16, #03-02, 6 Science Drive 2
Singapore 117546

You may also call us at +65 6516 4390.

If you have any queries or doubts about SPS, you may contact us at admin@sps.nus.edu.sg to clarify your doubts.